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* Simplified Profiles for our network instructors as following

Joyce Lee  -  Piano and organ; graduated from USC

Mihye Kim  -  Piano; graduated from JoongAhng University in Seoul

YT Kim  -  Keyboard; graduated from UCLA/ KIT at MI

SinAe Hwang  -  Keyboard; gradated from MI

Jae Sim  -  KIT at MI and engineering as producer

James Ah  -  Bass at MI

Jae Chun  -  Drum at MI

Jae Choi  -  Recording IT at MI / Producer / The Key Artist Agency CEO

Dohee Kim  -  Voice at Hanyang University in Seoul, Korea/

                      MM in voice at World mission University

Tickwanya Jones - Voice and Music Business BA from Berklee College of Music

Jeremy Park  -  Vocal / Drum professional

Kay Kim  -  Guitar professional

Joseph Kim - President /  Acoustic & Electric Guitar

Guitar Master Certificate from Berklee College of Music​

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award winning Instruction

With many years of experience in music lessons, JOY MUSIC STUDIO provides award-winning instruction to our students. Our team of instructors are motivated by their love of music and the passion to transfer their knowledge and skills to others so their creativity and talent can shine. We are obtained degree/ license/ certificate from USC/ UCLA/ Berklee/ MI, which is fully guaranteed and also granted to our students. We have a growing network with variety of professional musicians in different field to fulfill  the unique criteria of each student.